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1At the Lake House Martial Art School


  • AttheLakeHouse  Our Black Belts are known, recognized and respected to be among the best trained and educated instructors in the area’s local martial art schools.


AttheLakeHouse Our Instructional Staff teach the fundamentals in martial art history, philosophy, culture, protocol and the science of strategy and tactics.


AttheLakeHouse Several of our instructors are Florida State Certified teachers, and others are successful professional men and women in our business communities.


AttheLakeHouse   The instructor/student “ratio” is carefully maintained so that each student gets appropriate individual attention to assist their natural learning processes.


AttheLakeHouse   Our instructor/student “relationship” is based upon a respect for, and an understanding of, the various ages, abilities and orientation of the student.


AttheLakeHouse  We provide individual, small groups and whole class instruction for our students based upon variations in age, grade, rank and skill levels.


AttheLakeHouse We teach a comprehensive curriculum from a traditional and classical foundation that encourages mental, physical and emotional strengths.


AttheLakeHouse We make no attempt to “trick” or “deceive” the public with false, dishonest or exaggerated claims of rank, mastery, status or technique.


AttheLakeHouse We emphasize personal achievement, character development, discipline, academic excellence and self-defense over sport competitions.


AttheLakeHouse  Our students are well equipped and capable of participating in any other true or legitimate martial art program that teaches authentic karate.


AttheLakeHouse Our evaluations and testing procedures encourage an individual’s abilities and promotes higher learning and greater accomplishments.


AttheLakeHouse Membership is determined by a monthly fee, and does not require extended, binding, or legal contracts to control or hold liable our members.


AttheLakeHouse Our school offers scholarship opportunities to deserving children and juniors who legitimately need, and may benefit from, financial assistance.


AttheLakeHouse We have never dismissed, punished or discouraged a member because of a financial problem, hardship or difficulty.


AttheLakeHouse We provide free programs in self-defense for public and private schools, clubs, organizations, church events and other social functions.


AttheLakeHouse Our membership fees provide for the use, care and maintenance of the building, training equipment, student rewards and scholarship opportunities.


AttheLakeHouse For over 31 Years,we have contributed to local charities, non-profit organizations, national causes and environmental issues.


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